Civic Workshops

Attend our Civic Workshops to learn more about how to be civically engaged. Sessions will run consecutively.  Open to all who attend Engage Norfolk. Workshop details for 2019 are still in planning. Below is an example of workshops held in 2018. Stay tuned for the 2019 schedule.

Turn Your Civic Passion into Meaningful Action!

2018 Civic Workshop Schedule (2019 coming soon!)

1:30- 1:55

Your Passion and Your City:  Norfolk Government 101

Learn about Norfolk’s form of government, how City Council and the Mayor govern the city, how ordinances are passed, the budget is developed, priorities determined, the resources available, and your role in all of it. Andria McClellan, Norfolk City Councilwoman


Your Passion and Your Voice: - How To Be Heard Effectively

Learn how to get your voice heard, whether you want to communicate to your elected officials or to your community, how to share your passion so others can hear you. Dr. Noelle Gabriel, Norfolk School Board Vice-Chairman; Drew Lumpkin, Regional Director, US Senator Mark Warner; Hannah Martin, Producer, HearSay with Cathy Lewis; Steve Gunn, Virginian Pilot; and, Keela Boose, Boose Publishing

3:00 -3:25

Your Passion And Your Neighborhood - The Power of Civic Leagues

Wondering what your civic league does?  Does being involved with your civic league make a difference?  Find out the power that civic leagues have in their own neighborhood and throughout the City, and the role civic leagues play in city governance. Martin Thomas, Jr., Norfolk City Councilman; Nichelle Stone, President, Northside Civic League; Kevin Rafferty, President, Downtown Norfolk Civic League 


Your Passion and Your Action, Part 1 - Your Life.

Want to ensure that your volunteer time is making an impact?  This workshop will discuss what volunteering means, how to be a great volunteer, and how to balance volunteering with other parts of your life.    Susan Pleasants, Director of VolunTier Vision, Volunteer Hampton Roads


Your Passion and Your Action, Part 2 — Is Politics for You?  

Have you ever thought about being involved in politics?  Have you supported other candidates and think maybe you would like to represent your neighbors and the larger community?  Learn what it takes to run for office or to help others run. Stephanie Isles, Director of Elections & General Registrar, Norfolk Office of Elections