Civic Workshops

Attend our Civic Workshops to learn more about how to be civically engaged! Each will run approximately 25 minutes and will run consecutively.  Open to all who attend Engage Norfolk.  

Welcoming Remarks

1pm - 1:15pm

Principal Tommy Smigiel, Councilwoman Andria McClellan, AltDaily Editor Jesse Scaccia, New Journal & Guide Publisher Brenda Andrews, Volunteer Hampton Roads Executive Director Kate Meechan

Workshop 1: What Now? Turning Passion into Action

Moderator: Jesse Scaccia, AltDaily; 1:25pm - 2pm

So, now what?  You want to make a difference, but you're not sure how, who, what.... This panel will address many ideas, including how to translate your national concerns on the local level; how to identify the best volunteer opportunities to match your skills and availability; how to be a great volunteer, and more.

Workshop 2: Effective Local Lobbying

Moderator: Hannah SeranO, 2:10pm - 2:35pm

Learn how effective lobbying led a great idea from concept to reality with the NEON Arts District.  

Workshop 3: How to Run for Office -- and How to Help Your Neighbor Get Elected

Presenter: Jessie Williams, former campaign manager for Andria McClellan, Legislative Assistant for Virginia Senator Lynwood Lewis, 2:45pm - 3:10pm

Whether you are interested in running for office -- or you want to help support the campaign of a good friend, colleague or neighbor, this session will provide some nuts-and-bolts of how to run for municipal or state office, including the filing and petition requirements, the importance of grassroots campaigning, how to use data to win, and the joy of fundraising.

Workshop 4: How to Write a Great Letter to the Editor

Moderator: Brian Colligan, Virginian Pilot Editorial writer, 3:20pm - 3:45pm

Do you want to make sure your opinion is read in the local/national paper?  Learn from the experts what it takes to get noticed and printed.

Workshop 5: Norfolk Government 101: How to utilize the resources available in Norfolk

Moderator: Councilwoman Andria McClellan, 3:55pm-4:20pm

Learn how to access the resources available for citizens and community groups in Norfolk (Norfolk Cares, Norfolk NBN Academy, grant opportunities, access to public buildings, permits for events, etc.).

Workshop 6: Activism at your Doorstep: The Power of the Civic League

Moderator: Councilman Martin Thomas, Jr. 4:30pm - 5pm

Representatives from Civic Leagues will discuss how you can make a bigger collective impact by working with your civic league to effect positive change where you live.