A number of currently elected officials and also candidates for the upcoming 2018 election cycles will be here for you to meet and talk to! What a great way to Engage!

Elected Officials & Candidates

Elected Officials:

  • Senator Mark Warner (representative) (Federal)
  • Senator Tim Kaine (representative) (Federal)
  • Del. Cliff Hayes (Virginia)
  • Del. Steve Heretick (Virginia)
  • Del. Jay Jones (Virginia)
  • Sen. Lionell Spruill (Virginia)
  • Councilwoman Andria McClellan (City of Norfolk)
  • Councilman Martin Thomas (City of Norfolk)
  • Vice Mayor Dr. Theresa Whibley (City of Norfolk)


  • Garry Hubbard  (Congressional Candidate, CD2)
  • Mary Jones  (Congressional Candidate, CD2)
  • Elaine Luria  (Congressional Candidate, CD2)
  • Karen Mallard (Congressional Candidate, CD2)
  • Tom Warburton (City Council, Ward 2)
  • Courtney Doyle (City Council, Ward 2)
  • Nicole Carry (School board, Ward 1)
  • Adale Martin (School board, Ward 1)
  • Tanya Bhasin (School board, Ward 2)
  • Nate Kinnison (School Board, Ward 2)
  • Brittany Shearer (School board, Ward 2)
  • Carlos Clanton (School Board, Ward 3)
  • Jackie Glass (School Board, Ward 3)
  • Leon Rouson (School Board, Ward 4)
  • Chip Broadbent (School Board, Ward 5)